BOLSAIMPLANT - Bags for implants and screws

An aluminium bag for high performance dental implants
The aluminium bag is especially adapted to increase the value of the product it contains. One side is transparent plastic and the other aluminium. This means that the product inside can be seen and it also gives the image of higher quality.

It can also be made entirely of aluminium. The bag can include a zip or easy-to-open marks that indicate where the bag is opened. The standard material is neutral, unprinted. Both sides can be printed for a better image. Its main use is for dental materials such as screws or implants, although it is also used in cosmetics, in electrodes, in gels, and in all types of value-added products.

It is basically designed for:

- Dental screws and appliances
- Implants
- Prostheses
- Samples
- Promotion and image of new products
Each bag is a unique development, custom-made for each customer.